Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The only solution

The only solution 

When you no longer have a variety of options, when your choices become very limited that you think you're being controlled. When you are frustrated and your rational thinking have no longer any effect and is just a waste of time, that's when you start to lose hope, that's when you know that you have nothing to do but endure whatever it is you are enduring, that's when you consider to quit.

Wait a second. Consider to quit?

Do you realize if you considered quitting, there is something to fight for?

If you have the choice of quitting, then you do have the option to go on!

But how could you go on and you know that your choices are limited?

Well apparently our minds trick us when it comes to choices or options. We have just established that quitting has an opposite choice, and it is not the only solution.

To break it down, we only see the choices that surround us based on our state of mind and emotions. We are the ones responsible for perceiving whichever choices that we have, therefore we are the ones responsible for creating our options and choices.

That must be a breakthrough, to realize that you are the one responsible for your options as you embark on the path of your life.

So if you think that you are weak or you have nothing to do, think again. You already got yourself to where you are, you already chose that fight, that journey, that revolution, that path, that mountain.. you think you can't climb it till the end?

Yes you can. And you always can bring for yourself opportunities to decide upon and take actions.  

"Where there's a will there's a way." 

Not only when your mind tricks you you no longer see all the options, but your mind affects your emotional state and being and starts to create negative emotions for you like frustration or fear. Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of rejection..fear itself is the strongest negative emotion one could face.

And if you are not well equipped, you will fall easily to this emotional trap.

Always remember that there is a reason why you got yourself to where you are, there's a purpose behind your decisions.

Do not lose hope, don't give up. If you face the choice to quit and stop..then the only solution is to go on and fight your weaknesses.