Sunday, 20 January 2013

Start Over

Start Over

What do you think life is about?

An opportunity, a game, a platform, a series of choices or mixed perspectives? Life is obviously bigger than us, than the things that make us down and the things we wish we could have. Is it that complicated to comprehend something that big? Well, we don't need to. All we need to know is that life is not about you or me, but it's about everyone who lived it, will live it and currently living it.

We spend most of our time doing things for ourselves just to find momentary satisfaction, true fulfillment comes only when we give to others. You only live when you give, that's when you feel the most alive and connected to the whole world. How do you think life carries on? 

Would life be the same without Newton's 3 laws of motion? or beethoven's 5th symphony? or without Angelo's chapel? or Gandhi's vision? or Che Guevara's charismatic leadership? or Bill Gates' innovation?

Of course not, life has taken a different course because of these people and many more. That is only because they gave something to humanity and mankind, their names and actions will forever be remembered because of their contribution to Life, NOT their life, but the life that we all share, the one that goes on even after we are gone. 

Would it matter to you the life of others when yours come to an end? Do you care about doing something to people you will never have the chance to meet?

Just like the great people who lived by their honorable contributions, most of them never met you but they've done something for you and that's what's keeping them alive.

Now what is bringing you down in your life? what is it that's hindering your success or happiness? Do you realize that life is bigger than all that? 

Yes, it is definitely bigger than wasting it on your self. Now think of the last time you gave something to someone, an advice, charity, a piece of knowledge.. remember how it feels like?

Why don't we all start living for each other so that we actually experience the essence of life. 
And since we often try to change our concept and attitude towards life but fail to keep such change, we have to keep in mind that the moment we go back to live for our selves we need to start over and do something for the people around us, no matter how small our contribution is but it will always make a difference.