Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dedicated to the Egyptian Revolution

Dedicated to the Egyptian Revolution

Bread, freedom and social justice!

On the 25th of january 2011, Egyptians have started an inspirational revolution. Egyptians have revolted against the regime who did nothing but cause death, poverty, humiliation of the people of Egypt.

This article or post will not be political, but it's about inspirational lessons Egyptians have taught the whole world.

1) Stand up for your rights

Although at that time, the idea of having a revolution happening was impossible, as the old regime threw anyone who was to speak up behind the bars. The urge to protest and revolt was different. Everyone felt that 'Now is the time' and people no longer cared about what was gonna happen to them or the consequences of protesting, Fear vanished.. and everyone united like never before sharing a dream of a free country.

2) Never underestimate anyone

The mistake the old regime made that caused the protests to succeed was that they've dealt with the protests as it would be under control. There's no harm that could come from a bunch of youth gathering together and chanting after announcing the time and date from a Facebook event. Little they knew, those young men are the reason for the regime to be behind bars right now.

3) The Power of unity 

During the 18 days of the revolution, people faced armed forces using weapons, gas, live ammo with nothing but being united! People protected each other. Christians were guarding the Muslims while they were doing their prayers and vice versa. Men protecting women and sheltering them. Children helping the old to cover and stay safe. Everyone had everyone's back. 
When people are united, they are stronger than all the armies of the world combined together.

4) Resilience

At many down moments, protestors were attacked and offended not by the regime they were facing, but by their own acquaintances and family. Imagine the stress of going to these protests knowing that you might not get back home, and having your loved ones attacking you for causing trouble and chaos in the country. At some point you might get lost, have doubts and become weak. But such moments only will pass if you know that what you are a part of is something that will bring a positive impact to everyone.

7) Hope

Is Man's greatest power to achieve. Hope is what we all need. Hope is knowing that there is a possibility for you to live that dream you want to, to accomplish that thing you want to and to be happy the way you want to. Hope is the reason we are doing whatever we're doing right now with our lives, its because we Hope to be better, Hope to be stronger, Hope to live happily and Hope to succeed.
Without Hope, there is no Hope.

6) Faith

It is the reason why everything I've mentioned above could exist. Faith is enough to change the world. The people of Egypt had faith that they can change, that they can remove the whole regime which was impossible for a man to comprehend or even imagine back then. Faith is stronger than an 'impossible' matter, it is what would unleash man's unknown potential and strength. 

These lessons were given by the Egyptians, it has been experienced by everyone who has participated in this revolution. Us Egyptians did nothing but dream, we actually did the opposite..we woke up!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is existence a bless?

Is existence a bless?

Before we find out an answer to that question, we should dig deeper into this question, "What is existence?" 

It is that opportunity for us to be present right here right now with all of our being, mentally, spiritually and physically.  It is everything surrounding us (quoting the matrix is actually fun).

It is the gift of now, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow. It is the chance to make a difference, to learn and wonder or to live with apathy.

It is unseen yet it's everything that's out there, the one thing that connects us all.

It is such a philosophical topic, where we could go in circles reaching the same conclusions in the end. But all I seek is the common ground.

To put it in simple words: if you exist, you share life..if you don't exist yet then you don't share life.

That statement we could relate to. A thousand years ago, no one that is alive today existed back then. Therefore we had no idea, back then, what did people do, think about, talk or laugh about, fight or love about? we didn't even know that life existed and we could one day actually be a part of it..Do you remember this feeling? Maybe not, because you didn't even exist to feel that.

So now that you exist in life, you have the chance to think and ask and feel!

To wonder about the past, to experience the now and to hope for tomorrow. That is all bound in a state of existence and in life.

So what about not existing.. How's that like?
Dark?  Infinity? Nothing?
I don't believe our minds could comprehend such a state, as we're already liberated from such a state and have been brought to existence.

To come up with an understanding of the original question, "Is existence a bless?". we need to understand the other part of the question.. What is a bless?

Religious backgrounds will interpret it as a gift from God. Other backgrounds will refer to it as a talent, "She was blessed with a beautiful voice."

So again, let's all unite and look at things from a point of where we all agree.

A bless, is something special, to be grateful to have, to know that without it we would not have been the same.

So is Existence a bless?

Do you believe that experiencing, learning, thinking, loving, crying, hating, feeling.. are all something great to experience? or makes no difference?

Granted we are not given the choice to exist, but why not turn it to an opportunity?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Why, not!

Why, not!

I'll start with a familiar story, of a teacher who enters his class and asks the students to prepare themselves for a pop quiz. He wrote on the board the question "Why?" and asked everyone to write whichever answer they've found suitable.
I wasn't there but I could anticipate their reactions. Thrilled, challenged and mind teased. So after the professor had collected their answer papers, he read them with curious pleasure, again anticipating.
The following day, he announced the test results to the class. They were all graded but only one answer stood up against all the others, Guess which answer got the A+?

"Why not?".

This statement is much stronger than an A+, this statement is a life changing one. 

Every individual on this planet has been raised in a special environment, nurtured by different cultures and exposed to different schooling and education, if ever. Imagine if 6 billion persons on earth accept their realities to be the only ultimate truth, would we extinct as a race? Why not.

Having a powerful mindset that's able to take the risk of being wrong, discover truth and other possibilities is an outstanding manner. It's the best, if not the only, solution to our disagreements. As such a mindset will have literally the capacity of understanding others' perceptions, stories and backgrounds. Not only 'accept' others' realities, but actually relate to them. 

Such a statement shows challenge, identity and a taste of defiance. 
"Why not"..."Why accept things the way they are", "Why not change them?".
or "Why see things this way", "Why not that way?".

Liberation, that's what it is all about..and it only starts with the concept of "Why not?".

There is on the other hand, a very powerful concept as well. It seeks reasoning, understanding and above of all, purpose. 
The "Why?" is a question of wonder, those who tend to reflect always trigger that question. Passionate people always know why they are doing what they're doing, as well as people with a high level of faith. Recently the corporate sector has adopted this concept. It has been found that the global companies not only have their unique vision and goals, but they have a "why" for what they do.

Having a purpose in life is indeed a virtue and those who tend to use this mindset find their own.

So which mindset do you live in? Is it the rebellious or the wondrous one? Which resonates more with your experience?
But the most important questions are, Why? and Why not?

If you have understood both concepts very well, you will come to a conclusion that we have to live with BOTH mindsets and concepts.

We always have to open our minds and know that our reality is only one piece of the puzzle. There is more in the world that complete the full picture, we need to be aware of that.

We also need to find a blief, set of values and purpose to our lives. We need to ask and search for the things that resonate with our hearts and minds. 

Integrating these two concepts into our lives and personalities, will make us truly interdependent , wise and strong.

Can we integrate these concepts? Can we actually take our minds to a whole new level?

Why? .. Why not.?