Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Living a Dream

Living a Dream

One of the things that makes us special as human beings, is the ability to have our own Dreams. It is something that triggers our creative and emotional abilities. It's when you have nothing and you turn it into something.

Dreaming of being successful, dreaming of travelling the world, playing in a rock band or just being happy, there are no limits when it comes to having our own dreams, we only limit ourselves when it comes to believing that they could come true.

So the first obstacle to achieving your dreams is actually not faith, it's you. You are the only thing that is standing in your way. 

There's a saying "You cannot achieve more than you think you can."

It's only logical. Were Gandhi, Newton, Beethoven or  Columbus surprised of what they accomplished? Or was it that they had complete faith in themselves and of what they were capable of doing?

So maybe the first thing that we could do before judging and analyzing whether our dreams could be accomplished or not, we should start by evaluating the way we see ourselves.

Once you have the "I can" mindset and attitude, probably nothing could stop you from accomplishing anything in your life.

But what if you fail? Does this mean that you can't?

There is a concept that is important for us to comprehend, which I would like to call "Conflicting Dreams".

If someone is on the path of realizing his or her dreams, and they are facing obstacles that are out of their own control, that's because there is another dream that they want to realize and it must be done this way.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say that a student has decided to be the first in his class, that's his dream, he believes he'll be happy, successful and he'll make everyone proud. So he only dedicates his time to studying to accomplish that dream. But then he met new friends who started discussing the challenges in the working environment and so on, and he found out that he wasn't equipped and he's been somehow isolating himself. So he started to realize that his dream, being the first in class, will not ensure a successful career and life, and he discovers now that he has a BIGGER dream which is to be successful in his career.  Only when that happened, he got engaged more with people and expanded his learning circle, which led to less time studying and more time increasing practical and social skills, which also led him not to end up being the first in class, but nevertheless a very skilled employee.

From that example we can deduct that some dreams somehow conflict with other dreams. In order for some dreams to come true, others have to be partially realized or put off.


The answer is simply YOU.

This is where your set of values kicks in. The dreams that are aligned with what you value the most are the ones that attract you to them. 

All of us want to live our dreams and all of our dreams want to be lived.

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