Monday, 30 April 2012

Waiting for Destiny

Waiting for Destiny 

So I was hanging out in a cafe like any regular day, when I decided to go to the bathroom. I arrived there and I found the door closed and locked, so I figured out that someone was in there. I kept waiting outside for more than 10 minutes, that's when one of the waiters came and asked me rhetorically "Why have you been waiting all this time?". So he checked the door, and he just opened the knob. I smiled, looked at him awkwardly and just entered. 

What happened was that I thought someone was in there. I was convinced of that and I acted upon that belief. That's why I kept waiting for someone to come out. All what matters is that I knew I was right.

However, when the waiter came and opened the door. That's when it hit me. Have I been wasting my time? Have I been standing all this time for nothing?

Now let's try to reflect on that in our lives. 

We do believe most of the time that we have the right reasons behind our actions, that we know what we are doing and most importantly we believe that we're walking the right path! Even though there might not be someone inside the bathroom, we are still waiting for someone to come out so we could go in. We are still acting upon our own assumptions and limited knowledge, and never have considered ourselves to be mistaken. 

So, what happens when we realize that there's no one in there, whether by the help of someone or by realizing that on our own?

This is where the self concept comes in.

Some people will just laugh at themselves or feel frustrated. And they will believe in the end that what has happened was just a coincidence or a funny story to be shared when they go back to where they were.
Those people believe that they have wasted their time, and they have stood there for nothing.

Those are the ones who fall down in life more often. Who whenever face obstacles, hard times or tough situations, fail to comprehend the reasons behind such events and eventually give up!
Those are the ones who do not learn from their mistakes, or do not actually learn from their experiences, so they never grow.

Nonetheless there is another type of people who will look at the waiter, smile and learn something from that, who will always reflect on what's happening in their lives and always believe that things happen for a reason, and they try to make the best out of their own experiences.

Which type of mindset you think is more effective for your self,  your growth and your life?

The way we perceive the events occurring around us is very underrated. If you fail to learn from each and every thing happening in your life..then you are simply not living!

We waste our time arguing whether destiny exists or not. While what we should be arguing about is whether we are living or not.

Destiny is inevitable, but it's up to us to know why.    

Now I've come to know the reason why I have been waiting for 10 minutes before I discovered that no one was there. It's to acquire this insight. 

If I got there and found the door was opened, I wouldn't have written this article nor would have someone else not read it.

This itself is living every moment, and you can do it starting right now!

The reason why I smiled in the end when the door was opened was not because I discovered that I was waiting for nothing, but I found out that I was waiting for Destiny.


  1. That's true my friend. I would like to add to that, people are inclined to do the same mistake over and over again. It is a problem in behavior. For example, it is statistically proven that people who had a car accident are more likely to have another one. Because it is hard for them to change their driving style, which is purely a behavioral thing. That is why in order to learn from your mistakes, or situations like in your case with the bathroom, you have to be self aware to the fact that you have to try in order to know. I think that faced with a similar situation, you will be more likely to wait for some one to come out, unless you become self aware with the need to try, and most importantly get rid of the fear of failure.

    Love your story. And differently like the attitude.

    1. I really like your point and couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing and for your feedback.