Sunday, 27 April 2014

A thought on living!

A thought on living!

To get you engaged in this article, I need you to take a moment to reflect on these questions:

How do you see your day?
What do you think about before going to bed?
What comes to your mind the moment you open your eyes and wake up?
When you drift away during your day, what do you think about?
Do you spend your time with it or day dream?
Do you think you're the only one trying to figure things out?

All people come and leave what we call life, all people share the happiness and misery that life brings. But not many people realize that life is all about a simple opportunity to make things happen and to live it.

You don't need to consume your energy on how others perceive you. You don't need to dedicate your life trying to prove a point or to try to prove that others are wrong!

The key to seizing this opportunity that you're alive right now is to Simply BE.

Don't BE in the past nor in the future, both are not happening right now. Who would want to spend their lives in a virtual world inside their heads?

But still, our minds would always try to take us from the now to a more secure realm with secure thoughts and emotions. In these thoughts one could also experience fear and doubt, but it is secure for one's mind! 

Accordingly, you might reach the point of frustration as a result of the gap you find between these thoughts and reality.

So we should agree that we all have experienced this gap, we might still do, but it's about time we do something about it.

Are the thoughts in your mind living your own life?

You can't be a product of your mind, your mind is a product of you!

Actually you're not only a mind, but you are a body and a soul!

The body and soul do have needs that have to be fulfilled as well, are you doing something about this?

But there is something that you should notice when doing so, it is that the mind and body have selfish needs. However, your soul's needs are not selfish but rather selfless. 

Your soul needs to stay connected to a higher power, your soul needs inspiration, serenity and forgiveness even regarding one's self,  the ultimate selflessness!

Since your soul is something sublime, it will elevate you if you satisfy its needs and these moments are when you feel alive the most!

Think about the times when you were embracing nature, the times when you were focused in your prayers and the times when you helped the people around you and gave something to them.. a smile maybe.

You'll never live if you gave in to your mind, your mind is just a tool that you use to get things done, so don't make it use you.

As for your soul, now that is the gift of life.. so stay connected with the present and make it happen!

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