Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Laser Revolution

The Laser Revolution

03/07/2013 was the day the people of Egypt earned their freedom from a fascist Islamic group called "The Muslim Brotherhood". If you want to know more about this revolution, whether it's a "Coup" or not or how and why did it happen, you need to understand something first about the Egyptian people.

25/01/2011 was the day when Egyptians decided that they will be no longer oppressed, silenced or intimidated by their rulers. The day when the paradigm shifted for this country, where the poles changed and the power has been with the people since then. 

The average Egyptian person is of great potential, creativity and ambition. Just like a Laser that emits strong light beam, an Egyptian does not necessarily shed positive energy due to lack of opportunities and weak economical state, but an Egyptian always emits Hope.

The Laser was noticed being frequently used by the protesters in the past revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood, there is a deep meaning behind this that people didn't recognize. 

The fascist group ruled the country for 1 year, and in this year their only focus was just to stay more, strengthen their group and spread in all state institutions. They were not driven by their loyalty to their country nor response to the welfare of the people but only driven by their greed for power.

Despite the fact that they marginally won the ballot, they have failed to seize the opportunity nor deliver what the people have aspired for after their tough struggle in the first wave of the revolution.

Unfortunately for them, they did not learn from their predecessors that the Egyptian people are unbreakable and their laser like light can not be switched off. 

In the first wave of the revolution, the people rebelled after 30 years of Mubarak's rule. In the second wave of the revolution, the people rebelled only after 1 year because they had the taste of freedom and broke down the barrier of fear.

The Egyptians, creative as they are, stipulated new rules for democratic revolution giving the world a new example of how to change the status quo by the power of the people in a peaceful manner.

It all started when a group of young people had an initiative called "Rebel" where the Egyptians needed to sign petitions to impeach the president and call for early elections because the president of Egypt violated the constitution and did not honor the oath he swore to declaring all power to himself. 

22 million signed this petition and on the 30th of June, 33 million people poured into the streets and squares of Egypt demanding to put an end to this regime only carrying their country flags and their laser beams in the largest ever demonstration in the history of mankind.

In response to the people's apprising and the obstinacy of the president and refusal to compromise, the army has decided to intervene to meet the demands of the people and protect them from threats made against them by the president and his gang.

Can this be called a Coup? A coup means a group of army officers seize power from the ruler and declare themselves rulers of the country by force. However, in this case it was the people who launched the revolution and the army backed it up.

Egyptians have changed the rules of the game with their genuine laser beam. The beam that pointed the way to their freedom, a beam which is just as the will of the people.. cannot be bent.

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