Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is existence a bless?

Is existence a bless?

Before we find out an answer to that question, we should dig deeper into this question, "What is existence?" 

It is that opportunity for us to be present right here right now with all of our being, mentally, spiritually and physically.  It is everything surrounding us (quoting the matrix is actually fun).

It is the gift of now, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow. It is the chance to make a difference, to learn and wonder or to live with apathy.

It is unseen yet it's everything that's out there, the one thing that connects us all.

It is such a philosophical topic, where we could go in circles reaching the same conclusions in the end. But all I seek is the common ground.

To put it in simple words: if you exist, you share life..if you don't exist yet then you don't share life.

That statement we could relate to. A thousand years ago, no one that is alive today existed back then. Therefore we had no idea, back then, what did people do, think about, talk or laugh about, fight or love about? we didn't even know that life existed and we could one day actually be a part of it..Do you remember this feeling? Maybe not, because you didn't even exist to feel that.

So now that you exist in life, you have the chance to think and ask and feel!

To wonder about the past, to experience the now and to hope for tomorrow. That is all bound in a state of existence and in life.

So what about not existing.. How's that like?
Dark?  Infinity? Nothing?
I don't believe our minds could comprehend such a state, as we're already liberated from such a state and have been brought to existence.

To come up with an understanding of the original question, "Is existence a bless?". we need to understand the other part of the question.. What is a bless?

Religious backgrounds will interpret it as a gift from God. Other backgrounds will refer to it as a talent, "She was blessed with a beautiful voice."

So again, let's all unite and look at things from a point of where we all agree.

A bless, is something special, to be grateful to have, to know that without it we would not have been the same.

So is Existence a bless?

Do you believe that experiencing, learning, thinking, loving, crying, hating, feeling.. are all something great to experience? or makes no difference?

Granted we are not given the choice to exist, but why not turn it to an opportunity?

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