Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dedicated to the Egyptian Revolution

Dedicated to the Egyptian Revolution

Bread, freedom and social justice!

On the 25th of january 2011, Egyptians have started an inspirational revolution. Egyptians have revolted against the regime who did nothing but cause death, poverty, humiliation of the people of Egypt.

This article or post will not be political, but it's about inspirational lessons Egyptians have taught the whole world.

1) Stand up for your rights

Although at that time, the idea of having a revolution happening was impossible, as the old regime threw anyone who was to speak up behind the bars. The urge to protest and revolt was different. Everyone felt that 'Now is the time' and people no longer cared about what was gonna happen to them or the consequences of protesting, Fear vanished.. and everyone united like never before sharing a dream of a free country.

2) Never underestimate anyone

The mistake the old regime made that caused the protests to succeed was that they've dealt with the protests as it would be under control. There's no harm that could come from a bunch of youth gathering together and chanting after announcing the time and date from a Facebook event. Little they knew, those young men are the reason for the regime to be behind bars right now.

3) The Power of unity 

During the 18 days of the revolution, people faced armed forces using weapons, gas, live ammo with nothing but being united! People protected each other. Christians were guarding the Muslims while they were doing their prayers and vice versa. Men protecting women and sheltering them. Children helping the old to cover and stay safe. Everyone had everyone's back. 
When people are united, they are stronger than all the armies of the world combined together.

4) Resilience

At many down moments, protestors were attacked and offended not by the regime they were facing, but by their own acquaintances and family. Imagine the stress of going to these protests knowing that you might not get back home, and having your loved ones attacking you for causing trouble and chaos in the country. At some point you might get lost, have doubts and become weak. But such moments only will pass if you know that what you are a part of is something that will bring a positive impact to everyone.

7) Hope

Is Man's greatest power to achieve. Hope is what we all need. Hope is knowing that there is a possibility for you to live that dream you want to, to accomplish that thing you want to and to be happy the way you want to. Hope is the reason we are doing whatever we're doing right now with our lives, its because we Hope to be better, Hope to be stronger, Hope to live happily and Hope to succeed.
Without Hope, there is no Hope.

6) Faith

It is the reason why everything I've mentioned above could exist. Faith is enough to change the world. The people of Egypt had faith that they can change, that they can remove the whole regime which was impossible for a man to comprehend or even imagine back then. Faith is stronger than an 'impossible' matter, it is what would unleash man's unknown potential and strength. 

These lessons were given by the Egyptians, it has been experienced by everyone who has participated in this revolution. Us Egyptians did nothing but dream, we actually did the opposite..we woke up!

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  1. The reason our Revolution is one year old ... we suffered , our youth have been killed , and have been arrested is that we have lived in a society trying to survive gain money and live ! they forgot all about their rights , justice ..poor people were just trying to survive , they were arrested tortuned and killed by the dirty gov. and nobody knew anout it .. rich dirty buss. men who had dirty work for huge amount of money had to do their best to win Mubrak's family bless ! GOv. worked just for one family's benefit !! they all forgot" ضمير" and حساب الله""... and when it was time for youth طفح بهم الكيل"" they died for Egypt's rights for 3 essential rights (عيش, حرية, عادلة اجتماعيه) .. people were confused coz we did have a mindset that cant accept change .. nor fighting for rights..as we always do we didnt go with the same excitement after خلع السابق
    and we did believe مجلس القلل which was the worst decision ever coz Revolution meansإعدام نظام وليس أشخاص !! youuth started to be angry they protested again noone respected them and the whole dirty system started again ! even if we do think it was bad but actually it was good coz ربنا سبحانه وتعالى اراض أن يكشف حقيقة المجلس ! to those who were decieved whom no wi dont blame coz they r just too kind and still have the mindset of our old culture media can affect them easily !
    ولله حكمة عظيمة أن ثورتنا ثورة شعب المدة عامٍ كامل ! لأن الحرية ثمنهاغالي تم دفعه بدم شهداءنا !! شباب وشيوخ أطفال ونساء !!

    Lesson Learnt .. people faced their worst fears ! we r strong we r one !
    we all have the same right the same shout ! ثورة ثورة حتى المجد ..ثورتنا مستمرة لأن ثورة شعب حر !ثورتنا مستمرة حتى نصل لحد الضمير وتوقه الله ! حتى نصل الحاكم عادل يخاف الله ويتقيه حق تقاته قبل أن يفكر ف مصلحته !ثورتنا مستمرة لأن الله حاميها وحامي هذه البلد العظيمة !!