Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Why, not!

Why, not!

I'll start with a familiar story, of a teacher who enters his class and asks the students to prepare themselves for a pop quiz. He wrote on the board the question "Why?" and asked everyone to write whichever answer they've found suitable.
I wasn't there but I could anticipate their reactions. Thrilled, challenged and mind teased. So after the professor had collected their answer papers, he read them with curious pleasure, again anticipating.
The following day, he announced the test results to the class. They were all graded but only one answer stood up against all the others, Guess which answer got the A+?

"Why not?".

This statement is much stronger than an A+, this statement is a life changing one. 

Every individual on this planet has been raised in a special environment, nurtured by different cultures and exposed to different schooling and education, if ever. Imagine if 6 billion persons on earth accept their realities to be the only ultimate truth, would we extinct as a race? Why not.

Having a powerful mindset that's able to take the risk of being wrong, discover truth and other possibilities is an outstanding manner. It's the best, if not the only, solution to our disagreements. As such a mindset will have literally the capacity of understanding others' perceptions, stories and backgrounds. Not only 'accept' others' realities, but actually relate to them. 

Such a statement shows challenge, identity and a taste of defiance. 
"Why not"..."Why accept things the way they are", "Why not change them?".
or "Why see things this way", "Why not that way?".

Liberation, that's what it is all about..and it only starts with the concept of "Why not?".

There is on the other hand, a very powerful concept as well. It seeks reasoning, understanding and above of all, purpose. 
The "Why?" is a question of wonder, those who tend to reflect always trigger that question. Passionate people always know why they are doing what they're doing, as well as people with a high level of faith. Recently the corporate sector has adopted this concept. It has been found that the global companies not only have their unique vision and goals, but they have a "why" for what they do.

Having a purpose in life is indeed a virtue and those who tend to use this mindset find their own.

So which mindset do you live in? Is it the rebellious or the wondrous one? Which resonates more with your experience?
But the most important questions are, Why? and Why not?

If you have understood both concepts very well, you will come to a conclusion that we have to live with BOTH mindsets and concepts.

We always have to open our minds and know that our reality is only one piece of the puzzle. There is more in the world that complete the full picture, we need to be aware of that.

We also need to find a blief, set of values and purpose to our lives. We need to ask and search for the things that resonate with our hearts and minds. 

Integrating these two concepts into our lives and personalities, will make us truly interdependent , wise and strong.

Can we integrate these concepts? Can we actually take our minds to a whole new level?

Why? .. Why not.?

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